The 6th generation family farm is located on the South-East edge of New-Brunswick, directly off the Trans-Canada highway (Route 16) in Malden. Throughout the years, the Strang family has maintained a reputation for producing and packing premium quality potatoes. In 1855, the Strang family started farming with only five acres of land. Great-great-grandfather, Nathaniel Strang, used his produce to barter for provisions, selling off any excess in the local market. Slowly becoming known as the potato growers in the local area over time, grandfather Robert Strang decided to continue to grow the operation and began selling the produce door-to-door. Today the Strang family farms over 700 acres of land and produces and sells more than 350 acres of potatoes in the Atlantic Provinces.

Potato farmers for 6 six generations, the Strang’s knew that throwing out their small unmarketable potatoes, did not make economic or environmental sense. With this in mind along with a passion for distilling that goes back many generations, Blue Roof Distillers was born. The family’s dedication to quality and excellence in produce is no exception with Blue Roof where the purest and smoothest spirits are created. Unique in every way, Blue Roof Premium Spirits are crafted from scratch using whole potatoes, something that cannot be done by the competition. Recipes are tailored to the raw materials available lowering the ecological footprint of the farm. Potatoes that are too small for market are now destined for the distillery and are then gifted to cattle farmers as feed. The Strang’s are proud to be able to offer value-added spirits that everyone can get behind using the slogan ‘For Quality Proof, Drink Blue Roof!’

“Blue Roof Spirits are distilled using compound distillation that guarantees the purity of each spirit is second to none.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with premium & authentic micro distilled spirits, meaningful employment to members of our community and a fun, safe and profitable environment to all stakeholders.

Restaurants & Bars

Please contact us if you wish to feature Blue Roof Vodka on your menu.
As micro distillers, we can do direct delivery to restaurants, bars as well as ANBL stores.

About Devon Strang

Head Distiller

My life on the farm began the year I was born 1992. Long before I was even out of diapers, I would spend hours with my father and grandfather either sitting in a tractor or running around the warehouse “pretending” to help. Throughout my school years, I would get off the bus head straight to the warehouse to “supervise” what had happened that day.

 After graduating from Tantramar Regional High school, I was awarded an entrance scholarship to attend Mount Allison University. I completed my commerce degree with distinction in 2014; It was during my university years when I came up with the idea of distilling potatoes to make vodka. Learning about the importance of operating a lean business I quickly learnt that throwing away our undersized potatoes from the farm was not economical or efficient.

 From 2014 to today, I have busy honing and mastering my craft. I’ve taken a lot of distilling courses all across North America. One of the most notable trips, was my trip to Idaho where I got to learn and work with a well-known American potato vodka distiller Grand Teton Distillery. He has won numerous potato vodka distilling awards and he has worked with a few Hollywood celebrities.   

From this very location, we are a 6th generation farm. However, only the 4th  generation of potato growers. Interestingly, there is a history in our area of moonshiners making potato champagne as they would call it. We aren’t making potato champagne, but instead, we are perfecting the craft of transforming potatoes into ultra-premium potato vodka.

We have developed our own unique process of cooking, mashing, fermenting and distilling potatoes that you will not see anywhere else in the world. We had custom fabricated cooking and mashing equipment tailor made for our recipe. We use whole potatoes from the farm and do not transform them by peeling or dehydrating (potato flakes).

This couldn’t have been possible with the help of a strong relationship we have built with our funding partners. They include the Department of Agriculture, NBIF and the Bioresearch team at CCNB. It was there, where we were able to build, craft and analyze our recipe through scientific methods to ensure the ultimate quality and efficiency of our process. It was through the highly detailed analysis in the early stages, that enabled us to create a micro-distilled vodka that is of the highest purity. I can say with confidence, we will rival with the very best vodka’s available on the market today!

 This equivalent to 20 times distilled ultra-premium vodka will allow New Brunswicker’s to support local without having to lower expectations to do so.      

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